nothing has changed at all

Yeah. It is almost halfway through June. How things go by so fast when you’re doing project after project. I haven’t had the chance to write anything on this blog, mainly because I have been researching, taking notes, writing paragraphs, and fretting over presentations. Now, I am less than halfway through my last project; SCIENCE. I should be doing it right now — I am — but, I thought I would complain first and then work hard on it. I have ping pong later. So I should really hurry.

I achieved something! I think I got into some Honours for Grade 8! I believe I got into Art, English, and Math. I think. When our teachers were telling us, I was in a rush, and so I’m starting to doubt. I like to doubt myself. I don’t know. Okay, i should go continue my Science Presentation. Until I get things figured out! ;D

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