There is less than a week until my family and I go to San Francisco. I can’t say I am excited, but I am looking forward to the trip. Every time I go somewhere I try to think positively. This time I will probably be optimistic. There was a time when I didn’t really want to stay after I got there, but I got through it. Yes, Gloria didn’t think about her own thoughts and just did whatever it was a good model child did. But less model like. Hahaaha. Well, these days, all I have been doing is sleep in until it is 12 pm-ish, watch random dramas (sorry y’all), listen to lots of music, read a library book, play Candy Crush (sorry), and go out with my parents and siblings. And play ping pong every week. And overstretch and have super sore legs. Yep. Yippee. It is getting late, so I will end this post here. See you next time I write!

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