Augustus Gloop

There are two reasons why I called this post ‘Augustus Gloop’. 1) I finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to my brother 2) It’s August! My brother is very weird. He thinks that school is exciting. Like maybe the thought of going to school. For a pre-kindergartner it may seem cool, but man, for me, a pre-secondary person, I kind of dread the change in environment. I hate being in an unfamiliar place. Even if I have been there several times before. I probably will adjust to it in like, a year..? I dunno. Maybe. Anyways, I have a dentist appointment in 3 daays. I hate dentists. I just don’t. Then, in the last week of August I go to San Francisco to visit my grandparents. Yippee! Airplanessss. Alright then, see y’all later!

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