Last Day of School

Hello! 2 days ago, it was the last day of school. It started off normally. The day started with checking planners. That’s to see if your planner is signed by a parent as the proof that they saw it. Then we had a spelling test. In which I got perfect in. So, great, right? Then we… Then we did something I forgot what. Then it was recess. I always walk around trying to stay warm, WHILE eating my snack like a mouse. Not really. If you’re trying to keep warm while eating, then maybe yeah. Okay, umm, after recess, we cleaned out our desks into a bag you brought, and if you were done you’d play a board game. My friend (called Blake) was playing a game he’d never played before: Chess. Well, I never had either. And, ummm, he played against a boy (named Andre) a year older than him, and Andre knew how to play. So, with two of my other friends (named Luke and Kishan), we made suggestions of where to go on the board. Kishan didn’t know how to play, and neither did I. But we figured it out, and Blake who was actually playing, won the game. It took a while, but Kishan and I were fooling around in the background laughing about how we were watching a game we didn’t know how to play. After that game, we played Chinese Checkers for 2 minutes and then it was lunch. I lunch monitor, so I didn’t know what happened in the class. After lunch, the school was to assemble into the Gym for a movie. Just like last year. Last year we watched The Polar Express. This year we watched Happy Feet 1. But we didn’t finish it, unlike last year. I like baby Mumble batter. Humph. When we got back to our class, we got ready to go home. We took our Christmas trees home too. It’s made of paper. And then, THE END. WE ALL WENT HOME EXCEPT A FEW PEOPLE WHO DECIDED TO STAY AFTER SCHOOL TO PLAY WITH SCHOOL.

WAOW~! I JUST REALIZED THAT SCHOOL ENDED 2 DAYS AGO, AND THAT MEANS I HAVE 1 WEEK AND 5 DAYS LEFT OF MY WINTER VACATION. WOAH. *scurries around preparing computer for massive computer use* YES! More computer time. Unless mom and dad stop me from it. I hope not for too long. Anyways, for those who are like me, with the break and all, ENJOY YOUR BREAK WHILE IT LASTS.

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