The Gramphone 9 ~~END~~

The next day came quicker to Shirai than Captain. Captain had to find a place to live, and he had to fit in with the other merchants. He was planning to run a tea house for the rest of his life. But he had to find a place to have his tea house. He had asked the nearby AWAKE people if a area was free for a shop. The people had said there was a large flat that was stacked with bricks for only a little bit of money. It was said to be near the Mysterian capital which was only 4 blocks away. Captain had ran with his inhuman speed to find the brick shop.
Eventually, before midnight, he found it. He looked at it, he inspected every corner of it. He ran- no he flew to the manor of the governor. He had morphed back, and knocked on the door.
As every noble/important family would have, a butler would open the door. And the governor was no different.
“State your business.” The butler had said with a calm tone.
“Buying an area near the shopping square.”
“This way.”
Captain had followed the butler to the governor, and the governor and he talked about the area. The governor let him immediately and he had bought it for free. Then he left. He stayed in the open, the streets. Just for the night.

It was morning, and Captain found himself covered in water. It must’ve been raining throughout the night. Captain stood up, and jumped around getting the rain off his cloak. After that, he ran to the palace to inform Shirai.
“Eh! Prince Shirai! I now live in that brick tea house, and I will run a tea house there. You can visit if you want to. Can I take some of the chairs and tables from the basement?” Captain asked once he saw Shirai, and boy was he out of breath!
Shirai didn’t hesitate to let Captain the needed material.
“Fredsin! Take them into the old tea house!”

Captain patted his hands onto his dirty princely pants. Everything was perfect. The tea house had employees, and the employer working with them. He needed to know how to live like a normal status citizen. Fredsin the butler that now served Shirai helped tremendously. They lifted the tables and chairs and organized them in the large open space. It looked grand. Too grand for the little town. But the tea house spread over. It was expanded. The old brick space stayed, but there was marble halls and rooms for arranged and private tea rooms. There was a bar that was always reserved for His Majesty, the Most High of Grand West, Shirai.
Captain looked around. It was a working day, but no one had shown up except for 3 people. People had just begun to pile into the tea house but there was nobody to serve them. Yet. Captain called one of the three, and told him to call the others as fast as he could. The man nodded and shot off. There was only two of them, and Captain. He looked at them and they formed a plan. And them they took off to the assigned tables and rooms.

The man came back all battered up and beat up. Captain rushed over to him, and immediately asked what had happened. He groaned out the story. The other workers were mad that he had called them up early for no reason, so they beat him up. He tried to explain His Majesty was coming for tea. But then the beat him off. Captain rubbed his face, and then he told the man to clean up and try to serve the people. Captain then dashed to the houses calling the employees to get to the tea house immediately, and yelling why were they slacking off. They jumped up and changed immediately, and dashed after the former Majesty, asking for forgiveness. But he was too fast. He had run off with his inhuman speed. When they arrived, the Majesty had arrived and was waiting in bar for service.

Captain entered the bar. Shirai smiled when he saw Captain.
“Hello. I’m sorry I’m late. My employees were slacking off not knowing today was a work day. Anyways, what do want today? Plestik Shakc?”
“Sure.” Shirai grinned boyishly. Captain stood up and walked through the open doorway.
Aloud whirring sound was heard from the doorway. Captain was making a cold tea shake. Shirai looked at Fredsin. Fredsin nodded, and walked through the open doorway which was originally intended for employees only.
“M’lord? When is His Majesty going to have you arrive tonight?” Fredsin asked quietly from the doorway. Captain swung his head around, his hair flying around and whipping his face.
“Fredsin! I believe you can read. This is employees only area. And the time I arrive will be… I think around 8:45 q.z.” Captain shooed him out.

“Shirai. Your Plestik Shakc is all ready! Hold on for a second!” Captain yelled out, and miraculously, he came out one second later holding a blue Plestik Shakc. Shirai looked at him uncertainly.
“Ehm… Captain, what are we doing today for the lesson tonight?” Shirai asked, feeling small all of a sudden. He didn’t know why but he felt like he was the small abandoned child he was when he went to school.
Captain looked up towards the ceiling and thought for a second.
“We’ll be reviewing the attack side, and we’ll look over the recent territory test you took. If we have time, we’ll practice your swordsmanship. Does that sound good to you?” Captain searched Shirai’s face for agreement.
Shirai nodded slowly not knowing what to say. He didn’t know why Captain was being so nice to him.
“Hey. You’re not much for words today. Somethin’ wrong?” Captain asked with a bit of slang. He’d picked it up from some of the foreign merchants or clients recently to fit in a bit more.
Shirai looked up at him, and cowered a bit. “Uh-uhm, ah, no…” He stuttered out.
He looked away. Well, yes, there was something. There were lords and earls going to his house daily with their daughters for his hand, only to be rejected. One lady and her daughter went as far as complimenting his bottom and pinching it. It was a act of a woman, he shouldn’t of minded it, but he did. He slapped her hand away harshly, then a second later he apologized. But she burst into tears. Fredsin had cleared things up, and the lady and her daughter began to come to his palace daily again. He rubbed his temple and sighed in annoyance from just thinking about it. Captain didn’t question him about the sigh, but he took it as it was from the jobs and papers for the prince/king.

It was 9:00 q.z. already and Captain had not arrived yet. Shirai had Fredsin call his tea house, but only the manager for the tea house answered the device. Shirai sighed once again. He got up; he had decided that he go out and look for him. He put on a warm fur and leather jacket. He then slipped on a pair of red boots quite similar to the cat’s boots. He ran out, his hair swishing out behind him. He ran with normal speed, looking side to side. Then he sped up, people one meter behind him would be grazed in the face by his hair. His hair all of a sudden turned a bright colour. Lime green. It started at the tips of his hair. Captain’s hair was tipped neon pink, and some of his hair was dirty blonde. Shirai, in this case had the tips of his hair lime green and some or the rest was the same chestnut brown, streaked with lime green. It was same to all royals. Colours of their eyes, hair, and skin were all slightly different. He still ran. Finally, he sensed Captain. He ran towards where he thought Captain was. There running, was Captain dying his hair purple and he was running fast towards Shirai. Captain wasn’t looking, and then he crashed into Shirai.
The impact was big since they were both speeding. The fell back onto the ground with a loud thump.

“What are you doing?”
“What do you mean? I’m getting my hair done because I have a party to attend after the lesson, but after the lesson I would not have any time. So I was trying to hurry getting over, and do you know that your hair is turning lime green?”
“WHAT?! My hair is green?”
“Don’t waste time! We need to get over to get our lesson over with!”

They scrambled up and ran with their inhuman speed towards the palace. They arrived in no time. Obviously. The two went in, and was greeted by his butler maids, and a cook.

“Welcome back, m’lord!”

Shirai greets back with a nod. Captain smiles politely, but they both don’t notice that Captain’s eyes are shining brightly. Shirai led Captain up into Shirai’s study.
“We shall begin today’s lesson with…”

2 years later…
“Shirai! Hey! What’s going on with you and Cryssie? And, I forgot, where’s the wedding? I’m rather forgetful. So, where?”
“Hello, Captain! Eh? Um, it takes place at Glyde Park, and the cathedral beside it. I reserved it. Oh, and by the way, Cryssie is here today. We’ll have dinner around here. See if you can find us. We’re going to have tea today. Care to join us?”
“Ah. Umm, sorry, but I can’t. Gotta work.”
“Oh, right. Thanks, and sorry for all the trouble.”
“Umm, it’s okay. Uh, looks like we need more to serve. I should get going.”

Shirai sighed. Like Captain, he propped his head up with his hand. All this paperwork. He just wanted to stack it up, wrap it up and throw it into the fireplace. Argh. He was ready to rip his hair out. But he loved his hair so he didn’t. Shirai sat up and leaned onto the back of his unique chair. It was a normal turning chair. It could turn into a kart. It could turn into a table, it could turn into wheel chair. It could even turn into a sword. A huge sword, the blade was metal, and it was decorated with blue swirls on the blade. The handle was bronze, decorated with gold thread. It was legendary, of course, because it was made by a mysterious prince.
Shirai stood up and paced the room. His wedding was tomorrow. He didn’t know which personality to put up. Captain had the little student personality. Cryssie had the protective personality. To his subjects it was the brave hero personality. To his pawns, he put the big boss personality. Shirai didn’t know which face to put up. He was nervous.

That night after his dinner, he sat on his chair back facing the door. He was looking outside the open window. It was coldish, but with a warm breeze. His hair was blowing slightly. He was thinking, still, about which personality he should put. All of a sudden he thought of something. ‘Hey! I should make a totally different face this time. Like a happy and glad face. Yeah, that’s it! I should do that!’  Shirai practiced it a couple of times, and then he got up and went to bed.

It was the wedding night. Shirai was fiddling with the long sleeves on the traditional groom’s outfit. The sleeves resembled the sleeves on a kimono, but longer and thin. It was long like a kimono too. The bride’s outfit looked like the groom’s, but it had a train that was one meter long trailing behind the bride. Well, the groom’s bottom part of the attire was skimming the ground. He had to go. It was time for the party to begin.

The wedding night was the last time Shirai saw Captain. He didn’t know what happened, but they never met again. They had arranged a date, but he never arrived. No one ever saw him again, and the manager for his tea house continued the job for him. No one knew a thing.

Somewhere faraway…
Captain sat down on a rock. He knew he had to run away. He knew he would turn monstrous. It was frightening. A normal royal, turning into a bloodthirsty, vermin. Well, he couldn’t call himself vermin. He’d just have to feed on animal blood. Not humans. Captain ran a hand through his now too long hair. He sighed. People might’ve thought it was his hobby since he sighed a lot. He didn’t care anymore. Just the scent of blood… Made him drool. He shook his head. This can’t be happening! A nearby deer trotted by. Captain’s head snapped up, and his eyes turned silver and it was shining brightly, what made him more frightening was the way he was baring his newly grown fangs. He ran with his inhuman speed and circled his prey. The deer looked around with no emotion when it heard a rustle of leaves. When it found nothing, it snorted and went back to munching on whatever was munching on. Captain smirked in the shadow. Then he dashed at the deer and sank his fangs into the poor animal. The animal made out a strangled groan and then it fell back, dead. Captain licked his fangs, and swallowed the remains of blood.
‘That should last me for a little while.’

Deer Found Dead Deep In Forest: Unknown Teeth Marks

Hiker Grifod was hiking in the forest, hoping to find a rare flower, when he found a dead deer lying near a bush. He searched it’s body for a wound, and there was a mark, a mark like a snake’s fangs; two holes. It resembled a Vatyre, but they were extinct for nearly a century. If you know something about it please contact us…

Slap! Captain slapped the newspaper down on the table in rage. Not at the Humans, but at himself. He’d caused worry in his own kingdom because of his race, and what he eats. If he lets people know he’s a Vatyre, they would put him with other animals to let Humans see and study. He snapped, and a black shadow emerged from the curtains. It was a rare creature, and it only listened to Vatyres. It was a Demyre. Captain named the Demyre, Vinph.

“Vinph, get me lamb blood soup before it clots.”

That night…
Vinph looked around in case it’s ‘master’ was around. When Vinph confirmed that Captain wasn’t around, Vunph unfurled it’s plan. The plan to make sure Demyres do not work under Vatyres. Vinph ran out to the cave it’s clan was living in. It smiled. This is going to work.

Later that night…
Captain didn’t want to bother his kingdom, so this time he wanted to rid himself from this cruel world. He didn’t see what he should be here for. It was all going to end anyways. Vatyres only live for 1-3 years. It didn’t matter. ‘I don’t fit in this world anymore. I should make our specie REALLY extinct to fulfill the world’s beliefs. I don’t want to be different. I don’t want to pop out. I should go. Vatyres aren’t exactly immortal.’
Snap! Vinph appeared from the curtains.
“Vinph. You don’t want to work anymore do you?”
“Ne. See, don wah desy. Gah?” [no. yeah, I really don’t want to. why?]
“I see. Do you want me here at all?”
“Daw’rew fatew tre don.” [Doesn’t matter to me.]
“Hmm. Do you hate me?”
“… Watsi. Cratsu. Waka, hetelsaa.” […What. You’re crazy. Well, sometimes.]
“Tell me for most of the time, do you?”
“Falll…Dusa. Gra to hiti don?” [Ummm, yes. Are you going to kill me?]
“Heh. Heheheheh. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay, one more question. Can you rid me of this world?”
“Fallll… Watsi?! Daw tsu des don to?” [Ummm…What?! Do you want me to?]
“*Sigh* Yes.”
“Hito… Duga.” [Then… okay.]
“Go ahead, choose how to kill your prey.”
Vinph rubbed his hands. A Demyres appearance is like a human, but with porcelain white skin and magenta eyes, and they always wear a black cloak. Vinph’s skin cells began to fall from his rubbing of hands, and they formed a sword. It was a one time use sword. And it was powerful. Captain lay still on the cold marble floor of his grand hideout. He closed his eyes, silently happy, because he was going to join his loved one.

“Tsutsudasaka.” [Farewell.]

The wind was blowing hard onto Shirai’s face when he felt a pang of a friend dieing. He knew, that somewhere far far far away. Captain was lying and was dead. Captain couldn’t have survived alone for so long. He somehow knew it was Captain. An knocking on his door awakened him from his thoughts. He turned his chair to face the door.
“Who is it?”
“Iche don. Vinph,” [It’s me. Vinph.]
“Come in.”
Vinph came into Shirai’s room holding a lifeless Captain.
“What happened?”
“He asked me to kill him.” Vinph said harshly in Shirai’s language. When he spoke, it felt magical.
“So you killed him.”
“Yes. I did. Your stupid butler wouldn’t let me in because I was holding a dead Captain.”
“I’m sorry. What did he turn into?”
“A Vatyre.”
“Yes. He summoned me. I was going to turn against him today. But there is no need anymore. So I brought him to you after his final wish.”
“Thank you. I shall prepare a funeral for him. You will be invited. Please speak like this in case people ask you questions.”
“Yes, Your Majesty.”

3 months later…
“We now mourn for Captain Stoloriantsu, former Prince of Mysterians. He died of Dehydration, infection from animal attack, and lack of food while getting lost in the woods. He was a loyal friend to our Majesty, and was a wonderful ruler. We pray…”


Word Count: 3008 Counting the THE END.
Word from Author:

December always seems so depressing. Maybe because December is the time of snow and it’s darker longer, so it’s more dangerous, and people die from accidents. Like car accidents. There has been two car crashes with people dieing already. I’m scared. Oh yeah, I think I have to go so, have a safe and Merry Christmas!

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