Let’s go to the normal updates. ehehe. By the way, that rant earlier was 641 words long and took me about 10 minutes to type. Impressive hey? That’s one thing I am better at than my friends; typing fast. But not as fast as some of the grade sevens in my class.
At school we have determined the teams for Sports Day. I am on the Red Bulls team. Isn’t that like, copyrighted? Eh, we’re not selling anything with that name anyways. There are two teams with the same name thing. Since the theme this year is WESTERN, the Yellow Bandits, and the Blue Bandits. Green is the Green Beans of the West. Of course! “OF THE WEST”, just add that, and anything works. It’s Western enough.
Whatever. I should go and do something helpful. But, once again, self-esteem/self-confidence seem to get in the way again. Therefore, I won’t. But, I’ll try. Once? Twice? Twice upon a time? Nope.

Well, I’ll get going. See ya next time!

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