marshmallow coats

Hey there. I am currently thinking ahead of my story. I’m thinking of the cover design to help me gain inspiration to write more. Yay. Oh. For gym at school, we have started ping pong! Yay! I noticed that when I hit the ball over, the opponent is confused as how the ball goes out when they have only used very little power. My answer: I HIT THE BALL WITH A LITTLE SPIN AND POWER. My teacher asked me if I thought some of the students were good at anything (from what I see). I replied with, “They’re good at hitting high. With no spin.” Like they just brought the ball up with the racquet. Or is it racket ? Or is it both? I don’t know. I like both. But only for certain situations.
I have ping pong class later. I should do something useful. Well then, see ya! Adieu~!

P.S. The reason this post is titled ‘marshmallow coats’ is because that’s what it looked like. My friend had an intensely puffy jacket. Just saying. It wasn’t bad; I have one!

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