what if i didn’t write

Yeah. There is this speech contest all Grade Sevens have to do and the topic is always super broad, and this year, the topic is… ‘What if…?’ And that is where the title of this post. My teacher said it kind of has to be about a problem in the world that you think you could change. Not really a problem. Just… something that’s realistic and probably possible. When I told my sister about the topic and what my teacher told me, she was like, “What if nothing was impossible?” And we just had this weird moment like… woahh…. Unintentionally deep words.
I have no idea if a topic like that worked. Now, I am back at square one. I’m stuck, again. I have like… 4 ideas. For the speech. FOUR!!! Waargh.

For like an hour, I was with my brother playing with the educational computer games that my sister used to play with me when I was little. It was kind of frustrating when you try to teach your little sibling something about money and then the game uses AMERICAN money, and then you don’t know what you’re doing because you don’t recognize it. I’m Canadian. I don’t really recognize American coins. Only pennies because it has a distinct colour from the rest of the coins there. Pennies aren’t used anymore. Aww. I still have a large stash of pennies. A lot being over 100 pennies. One dollar worth of pennies and more! Yeah!

I’m getting off track. And I still don’t know what to write about… ‘What if we used American currency?” Nah. ‘What if we all used metric measurements?’ I DUNNO. I should search for real world problems. I want to find something different!!

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