New Year Resolution Review: 2015

It might be a little early to start reviewing what goals I had set up this year, but I have some time on my hands right now, and I might not later, so why not now? Let’s get at it then…

  1. Have more confidence. ~ I really don’t know where I am going with that.
  2. Be more elegant. ~ …No comment.
  3. Try to be nicer and appreciative. ~ Try.
  4. Try to type without looking down at the keyboard. ~ Nope.
  5. Be more alert in certain situations. ~ Believe me, I try.
  6. Stop bothering Gabriel so much. ~ …Is that really a problem?
  7. Understand when people are mad at me. ~ Okay.
  8. Keep improving my mathematical skills. ~ …what skills.
  9. Keep improving my Shanghainese. ~ Got that… Maybe Mandarin this year.
  10. Pay attention when needed. ~ Ahh… right.
  11. Work on my writing. ~ Working on that…
  12. Keep my eyesight the same. ~ Ahahah
  13. Get passing grades in term one Grade 7. ~ THAT is one thing I can guarantee.
  14. Improve temper. ~ Found a solution! Just don’t care about anything.
  15. Stop procrastinating so much. ~ Isn’t that what I’m doing right now?

Since when was I so sarcastic? Woah. I’ll probably post my New Year Resolutions on the first day of 2016. That means I really should get going on my novel. I’m currently going absolutely NOWHERE in my story. I am stuck. Like in every story I start. Ahh.
At least I have finished one piece of homework that is due on the first day of school. The band theory book thing has been finished for a while now. I should really rack up some ideas for the story I’m attempting to complete. Yeah. I really should.

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