New Year Resolutions : 2016

Happy New Year! It is now 2016, and I have been sick for an entire year. JK! Only for like two weeks… Since it is a new YEAR, that means a lot of things are going to happen… Just like every other year. For example… BIRTHDAYS. Nope. Not going there. I’m gonna be 13? Whaa? Then my brother is going to be 5?? Yeah…
New Year Resolutions are hard to think of, but I’ll just go with what I feel like I can actually try to accomplish… Yeah. Well then…

  1. Don’t ask so many questions; be more independent and use my brain.
  2. Try not to be so hesitant.
  3. TRY to be more neat and organized. (and don’t procrastinate so much)
  4. Have more patience…
  5. Stay the same in personality, but be quieter when appropriate.
  6. EYES!! Keep my eyesight the same.
  7. Try not to be scared of new things and other things (like… earthquakes!)
  8. Get better at talking in front of people.
  9. Improve printing.
  10. Use time wisely (don’t play all the time).
  11. Concentrate better, find a strategy to concentrate without music.
  12. Have more self-esteem. Yay.

I have no idea how I’m going to do anything. Great. I should take time to do homework instead of playing with other electronics. Yeah. So, I will get to that homework. Put effort into work and concentrate.

Well then, I hope everyone has a wonderful 2016! Happy New Year~!

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