New Year’s Resolutions: 2014

Hi there. So… Resolutions. Let’s see what I achieved for last year’s resolutions:

1. Help more around the house. (I think I’m more helpful in the house. So… Check mark!)
2. Be more careful around Gabriel. (I don’t need to. If he’s careful then we’re all fine. So that’s off the list. XD)
3. Don’t spend TOO much time on the computer. (Eh. It’s okay… I’ll be fine.
So that’s also off the list.)
4. Pretty much stay the same other than be more… mature. (NOOOO!!! My least favourite resolution!!!! Umm… I didn’t achieve that… In fact I got a tad bit more IMMATURE. So, an X.)
5. Finish homework earlier and faster so I won’t have to worry have it due on time. (Achieved. No more words.)
6. Stop smacking Grace so much. (I did that. Instead, I whack her around and vice-versa.
*thumbs up*)

Let’s see what I thought up for this year…

1. Study for at least one subject for school. (Yes… I don’t study for ANYTHING and I still get good scores. :D)
2. Pay more attention to when someones talking to me and don’t listen when I’m not supposed to listen. (I do that A LOT)
3. Don’t get my eyesight worse than before. (Or more glasses… I liked it when I didn’t wear glasses because then I can to more things… But then to me I’d look naked. Eh.)
4. Try to type without looking at the keyboard. (NOO!!! I can’t! I still have to look at the keyboard even though I am one of the fastest ‘typers’ in my class.
5. Act more… MATURE, and don’t… run around saying embarrassing things in front of strangers. (Heheheheheheh!)
Improve temper. (Yah.)
7. Improve my Shanghainese
language speaking so I will understand and speak more to my grandma if she can come to where I reside. (Let’s see if I can do it… Heh.)
8. Don’t piss people off. (I can do that easily.)
9. Don’t get pissed off that easily. (I can do that TOO easily.)
10. Improve my mathematical skills. (So I can do better on the Abel Test this year if I am asked.)

That’s pretty much it. What do you want to improve on?
I don’t have much to say, so to wrap it up, Happy New Year, and have a great 2014! I’ll still be writing! Ja!

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