New Year’s Eve…

Hello. Tomorrow will be 2014. Do I sound too calm? If so, I, however, am extremely terrified. About the whole 2014 business. Yah. If I survive the whole thing of ‘New Year’, then I’ll think up and type down my New Year’s Resolutions and see what I achieved for 2013 Resolutions. I’m scared to see what I haven’t achieved. Anyways… What are YOU looking forward for 2014? I’m NOT looking forward to a LOT of things. For example, grade 6 and being 11. Today’s the last day of 2013, so I should enjoy the end and the rest of it. Ehhh. Other then my worries and fears, I’m not sure what’s up ahead for me. I’ll go see.

I’m going to post my resolutions either on January 1st, 2014, or some days after. I’ll be reviewing ‘last year’s’ resolutions and making up new ones. What about you?

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