ow, i think i broke something

I went skating with my brother today. It’s only because he really wanted to. I am okay-ish at skating, not that good to the point I can go super fast confidently. I can’t skate backwards, so that made trying to help him skate really hard. I’m probably going skating tomorrow too, for the sake of trying to teach him more skating with my limited knowledge of skating. YAY!

Anyways, Winter Break has started!! Yay. Time to work more on my writing assignments. And try to sleep more, and eat. Yay. Sounds like a plan.
Did I ever say anything about my report card? I feel like I didn’t do anything to get all of those marks. A hint : I got pretty good, I guess… I feel like I don’t deserve it, it’s like I should have done more than that to get the mark I have. Ahh. I don’t know anymore.
Speaking of school, I should change my topic. I feel it might offend a lot of people. But then again, what do I care? Ahg. WHAT DO I DO.

I should go soon. Should sleep later. Alright, until I’m not distracted!! Adieu~!

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