Playland/PNE… oops.

I went today!! I went onto a lot of the rides, and didn’t feel so sick after any of them! Since it was a day at Playland for schools, I saw a bunch of my old classmates from my previous school. IĀ told one of them that it was me, and he was… surprised, and awkward. Then, a bunch of them walked right past me, which meant, I am recognizable.

To the rides! We went on the musical ride. It was one of the fast rides but short rides, and my friends forced me to the outside part. So, I ended up having about 130 pounds pressing against my ribs. A wonderful feeling, I assure you.
My favourite ride… The log ride. It was basically water slides, except the part that people get worried about is the speed and water that splashes out.
The ride that I didn’t go on and looked scary was a ride called ‘the Beast’ and it swings like the Pirate Ship ride, but it also spins a lot, and swings as high as a obtuse angle!!! M’lordy.

On the way back, the car I was on broke down. We had to push the car into a parking lot slot. And then we got yelled at by some creepy Italian dude. At the end we were picked up by the driver’s wife. We ended up being pretty late. I think pushing a car is fun. It should be a sport!

Well, I also get to go next year as well. Because, I am in a Gr. 6/7 class, that means the whole class goes, but it points mostly for the grade sevens. SO. I get to go next year too!
I’m gonna get going now! Until next time…

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