Today I went  to the PNE/Playland. I just got back and feel half-sick. Well, I went to 8 rides, same as my sister, but my cousin went on 9 rides.
In my rides, I went on a round thing that straps you in and spins around and goes like a pirate ship on the side. Then I went on a super fast musical rollarcoaster thing that is small-ish and the music REALLY LOUD. After that we went on… the AtmosFear(Atmosphere)? I think I did. Well, my sister and I went together, and my cousin went with some other stranger kid.
Then… we went in the Glass House. Then we went to the Mardi Gras(?)… It’s another Glass House thing. When you go in, it is like all plastic walls. You could like smash your face right into it. Well, I went straight into 3 dead ends. Then when you go to a dark area, there is a staircase. You go up, and there is random mirrors that make you look fat and short and then there is a purple slide. I got a burn on my left elbow from the slide. Eh.
Then we went to another part of the PNE. Where there was 2 other spin-y things. You like stand in one of them. I went on that one. Then got dizzy. Great choice Glor! Then, I went on another one that works the same as the one I just got to, but you had to lie down. I kept on swearing for some reason. After that, I got REALLY SICK. But amazingly, I did not vomit. Then when I did not feel good, my sister and my cousin went on a ride that was beside it. According to them it was the same as the others except that it was darker and you had nothing to hold onto. And for a small period there was no gravity and my sister saw someone’s bag flying in the air. And the UFO shaped thing spins SUPER fast. And my sister didn’t feel so good after.
Then we walked around for a seriously long time. And we got half lost and bought cotton candy of blue and pink mixed together. And watched one round of some horse show. We were bored and didn’t know how to get back. Yet. But we got back anyways.
So, after that we walked around. At the end, we had a AtmosFear water bottle thing that was purple. And my brother has a bear water bottle. And… I wanted to go on the Ferris wheel but there was too long of a line. Sucks buddy. Oh yeah! When we were half-lost, we saw a iogo(?) thing and got 4 samples. I don’t know why.
The reason we were very care-free for the ride going on thing, was because we had a ride day pass thingamajig. Then we stayed there and talked. Then we left, and here I am listening to Dream Live 2013 Tenimyu songs typing up a blog post about today. I forgot to add that I also went on the BUMPER CARS!! They were fun but you don’t go on it for too long. I got stuck a lot. But I don’t really care. Anyways, I’m gonna leave this post as it is.
The day before yesterday, my cousin, my mom, my sister, and I went to Downtown. We were REALLY BORED that day. So, we went. We went to a restaurant. The main part in the restaurant was THE MEAT. Then we walked some more then went home.
So, adieu~!

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