What To Do

I’m really bored. So I’m going to type a random post about boredom to make you bored. Like me right now as I am going to be as bored as I am reading about how bored I am. Don’t mind me. I’m stuck between two boys. My brother, and my mom’s friend’s kid. They both can’t read English. Shame. So, as they are playing games on my desk, I am having trouble typing. But who cares?? I’m bored. Listening to Tenimyu songs is relaxing…
Not li
stening to Tenimyu but random Japanese songs. Proves how bored I am. Don’t worry, I won’t interest you.
I still haven’t figured out what ‘Hikari’ means. AAAGGGHHH. No random paragraphs of ‘inspirational’ works.
But, WHATEVER. I’m INSANELY BORED. SOMEONE, TELL ME SOMETHING TO DO THAT IS INTERESTING AND EASY TO DO IN A HOUSE. I’M BORED!!! Okay, I will stop killing the shift button. Wait, why didn’t I use the caps lock button? I’m so stupid something.
WHYYYYY??! Do I have to be bored?
Guests are over. So shouldn’t stay for long. Adieu~!

16 Replies to “What To Do”

  1. You can use electronics. Eat. o_________o You can call someone. You can read random websites on Google. Think about what you are going to do when you get back to school. Play games on the computer.

  2. Write a story; it’ll give you inspiration or /something/ or the other that can help you get out of boredom. But being bored comes with a computer. Do something productive. Watch Tenimyu.

  3. what is this age coming of. i mean — seriously, do something productive or go outside and play and have fun and enjoy youth before you turn old and live like guy sensei and say ‘youth’ while doing the victory pose and don’t be allergic to sunshine i will stop now.

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