Pop art

Andy Warhol is weird. Having 24(?) cats all named Sam. Okay, so, my class will be doing pop art for art and the object/art has to be well-known. My sister did pop art when she was in my teacher’s class, and it was Angry Bird’s Pig King. What should I do? Oh, and you’re supposed to draw it, not print it. Sucks if you have to draw it. Then the teacher photocopies it it 3 more times. Arrgh. Ideas? Please?

Anyways, My sister’s pop art actually came out pretty good. It somehow looked official. This post will be short because my fingers are getting cold from typing Playing Around ~ 2 for 2 hours.

Listening to Jay Chou’s album Exclamation Mark, Mine Mine reminds me of when Grace and I were like spazzing over him, and his songs, always looking for more of his songs, new and old. Well, I think I’ll get going. Woah. The post ended up sort of long. Whatever.
I’ll say bye. Ja ne!

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