DAAAAAAAAAAAANCING – An Entertaining Experience

Hi. Hip Hop, was…. PURE HILARIOUS EXPERIENCE!!!!!! OMG, the dance went perfect, not much wrong, then the Hip Hop instructor forgot the group that I was in, and we did the dance we were supposed to do, at the end. For, the whole-school one, there was a Hip Hop dancing group, that were in a dance competition, that got 2nd place out of the world, came to our school, and did a dance with the teachers, and they did the famous-ish GANGNAM STYLE! Priceless. I laughed so hard, TEARS came! The song was some song from TRANSFORMERS.

I actually enjoyed it. The other grade five class that was not in the same dance as us, had a REALLY HILARIOUS AND NOT REALLY APPROPRIATE DANCE, and it was hilarious too.  So, I’ll be moving on. (smiles, flails arms around)

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