Hey. It’s February. That means Valentines’ Day. And that means speeches are due soon and will be presented sometime next week and probably the week after. Ahaha. I really should’ve done a little more thought on my topic. Mainly because my topic is very sensitive. It’s about dying. Yeah. Kid’s dying. But it’s not too terrible because it’s about mature little beings choosing to die because: a. they are REAL sick, b. or they are REAL sick. Yeah. But there is some really contradicting information in some of my sources when I’m trying to sound half neutral, and also have persuasive about a certain point. Mainly because it’s not happening in Canada. Yah. The other 6/7 class in English have already started presenting. And I’m not even done my body of the speech (so close. just like everything else I do).
Anyways, it’s getting close to 9. Well then, see ya!

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