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Hey there! I am currently writing a story and I am at 955 words. But I forgot how to end a section without making it too long. The story is called Thin Ice, and it revolves around a detective. Not that I would know anything about that. I am actually doing some research on that area. Anyways, it takes place in a fictional world. But it is mostly the same to our own world. I just don’t want to use real places, and then get criticized on how wrong it is. So yeah! I’m just trying to exercise my imagination.
You know, I kind of just realized that my train of thought when I am writing stories on this blog is really fast. For example, I think of something, it just processes through my brain really fast, and most of the time, my fingers move before I am finished thinking about the idea. So technically, my brain is spelling things out for my fingers. I think that when I am looking at the letters on the keyboard, I imagine pressing them down and typing down a story, and then I actually type it out.

I find it funny how I am typing a detective series and I’m listening to BIGBANG. It has no relation to such a topic, and yet it makes me continue writing and writing out my ideas. Maybe it reminds me of something. But, to be honest, I actually have no idea what i am doing. Mayne I’ll just finish the story today. Well, not the entire story, but that one section. You know? That one first part that is REALLY LONG. LIKE, A THOUSAND AND PROBABLY MORE WORDS A SECTION–SECTION.

Anyways, this has been Gloria. It’s been fun. Just kidding!! Until next time, my friends! Adieu~!

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