Thin Ice ~ Case 1 – Part I: ticket to elsewhere

Ding! The doors to the elevator slid open, revealing a long hallway to a single door. It was decorated with bells that attached to the doorknob. The bells were light blue and pink. How peculiar. Where would anyone obtain blue and pink bells? I am someone people call an ‘investigator’. My name is Lillie Hait. Not so intimidating, right? Well, I’ll just let you see how terrifying the things I investigate are..

My past was very simple. How I got into this line of occupation… Well, that was as stereotypical as things go. Some incident happens and I’m inspired. It just so happens that my dad was a detective, and as he was investigating a crime scene, the criminal involved attacked my dad, but, since his reflexes were quick, he grabbed the criminal and slammed him hard on the ground. And the criminal of course, was promptly arrested. Sounds like a stupid way to be inspired, but, I tell you, it is way more cool seeing it in real life than just telling you.

This story starts off with my training. I was nearing the end of my training with my mentor, Syliva, when she was assigned a case that took place in a nearby village. To pinpoint the exact location, it was the village of Dacca in the country we live in called Dwoinn. There was a series of murders that were occurring in the village that worried the citizens. The police force and investigators along with the forensics team could not prove the only suspect was the actual criminal. The suspect was then released, leaving no other suspect to investigate. Everyone was in the dark. The crimes’ locations were all over the village, and the citizens had a curfew due to the incidents. The village’s police had called their detectives to try to figure out who the real murderer is.


April 53rd, 40021 yr.: “The tickets have arrived. We’ve been told that they need us as soon as possible. They wouldn’t want any other murders to happen before they solve one. Well, did you pack your bags?” Syliva asked.
“Yes, ma’am. I have them right here. I checked all the files regarding the case. The victim’s family–”
“We’ll go over the case on the train. Now, We’ve got to hurry to the train station! Let’s go!” Syliva cut me short.
“Yes, ma’am! Right away!”

The taxi pulled up to the front of the station. We quickly unloaded the bags and ran in, checked the tickets and headed to the car that we would be staying in.
“Well, Lillie. Could you pull out that file we were discussing about earlier?” Syliva said as she pulled her jacket off and put it up with the bags.
I hurriedly unzipped my bag and pulled out the case’s file. It was marked ‘Gairle Murder Case’.
“Here it is.”
“Well, let’s see. The victim’s name is Raine Gairle. Gender: Female. Birthday: February 72nd, 39991 yr.  Age: 30. Occupation: Architect. So far the only suspect was one Denale Hait. The relation between Hait and Gairle, is that Gairle designed his previous home in Werthen, the city of technology. Hait was then released because there was no evidence of his participation in the murders or the knowledge that she was even at the village at that time. There are no other suspects arrested. Well, seems like this case is a dead end, even for us. Maybe if we investigate all the crime scenes and put the information together, we may be able to find the culprit. Are you ready for some poking around?” Syliva went over the facts.
“I’m up for anything!” I exclaimed excitedly.

The train ride was only 3 hours long, so we got there before lunch. We immediately contacted their police headquarters. They told us that the most recent crime was at an apartment complex near the police headquarters. Actually, it was only 3 blocks away. We headed there without delay. The apartment in the complex was on the seventh floor, so respectively the room number was 79. We knocked on the closed door with 4 brightly coloured cones surrounding it. A police officer on guard opened the door and eyed us suspiciously.

“Hello officer! I am Detective Syliva Fraesi and this is my apprentice Lillie Hait. We’re from Quideen. We were called to help with the investigation.” Syliva explained and handed the poor officer her business card and a piece of paper.
“Uh, ah. I see, you have a permit. You may look around. Please tell the head detective over there any new findings. His name is Detective Herold Jarrode. He was recently placed as the Head Detective. Over there is the forensic team. They’re checking fingerprints on the murder weapon and the room in which the murder took place. Right! The name’s Officer Rishard Sheor. You can ask me anything. Regarding the case of course! Ahaha…” Officer Sheor laughed and handed us each a pair of gloves.
“Thanks!” I was excited to get started.

“Alright. So far, you have only concluded the victim’s background information. Her connections, money handling, and clients. Her family haven’t been in touch with since she got here, which was approximately 2 months ago. She has a stable income and she has no debt to pay. Her clients say that she was a very intelligent person, and said that her structures were absolute pieces of art. That’s a good sign. So there are no other possible connections to her? Any other people that could be related to her. Classmates?” Syliva asked the Head Detective, Herold Jarrode.
“Well, according to the people that knew her, they said that she never mentioned anyone she knew from her childhood. When we looked through her room, we found a grade seven class picture. We contacted everyone we could find in that picture. They all say that they haven’t heard from her after high school graduation. So that wasn’t very helpful.” Detective Jarrode scratched his neck.
“Alright. Thanks for your help. I think we’ll manage for now. We’re going investigate a bit.”

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