still not summer?

Alright~y then. So, yesterday was my school’s SPORTS DAY, and it mostly contained of hula hoops, throwing or stacking. Not as sporty as I had imagined. But then again, next year when it’s my grade’s turn, I don’t think we would be very sporty either, when thinking up a bunch of stations for sports day relating to a single theme.

Just now, I invented a game for my little brother to entertain himself with. I had recently (about a week or two ago…) created a tissue box ‘house’ because I was bored and I wanted to feel like I had accomplished something, and now, my brother was playing with it with a couple of other items as a table, bathtub, bed, and refrigerator. Wow, I┬áhaven’t felt like I had done something right in a while (a month..?). Mostly because I kept on getting in trouble because of other people. Whatever, they don’t even deserve my attention if all they do is try to get other people in trouble for the things they do. Why am still going on and on about the things I say don’t deserve any attention? Because I am what some people call ‘frustrated’. Alright.

I gotta go. See ya next time!

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