Ooh noo, it’s the time of year again.

Yep. The time of the year. Where the intermediates have to perform music related things and dances, and do… performances/concert things. That we haven’t done in  a long time. And also, right now is where are all the tests come around. I just had a French test today. And my teacher is testing our math. Not really a test, but assignments to see where a certain individual’s weak spots. And so he’s making us go through the entire term in 2 weeks. Starting this week and probably getting over it and working on our weak spots for the last 2 weeks.
Tomorrow is the intermediate concert rehearsal in front of the entire school. And grade sixes have to look somewhat classy. And wear fancy suit-like clothing. And generally look cool and fashionable. But we have the most parts in the concert. We have to play the guitar, recorder, sing, and do a dance. The grade sevens have one part, and that’s to play like, 2 songs with their band instruments. Grades 4 and 5’s have the ukulele and the xylophone. And the grade sixes have so many things to do. And the worst part is the fact that it is first thing in the morning. And I can’t sing in the morning, and especially when it is FIRST THING in the morning. My voice takes a long time to make it at it’s best. ARRRGH.

Also tomorrow is our SPORTS DAY TRIVIA. It has nothing to do with sports day, apart from the points awarded that are extra/bonus points. Why do the rest of the school have to watch the grade 7 captains fail at every question? I DUNNO.

I’m gotta go now. ADIOS! See ya!

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