Today was the 2nd week at my new teacher’s classroom.  My teacher’s name is Ms.Daum. She is pretty funny.  I am now in grade 4, an intermediate student! 🙂 I am also in Division 6. Last year I was in Division 7. Now, I will switch topics. On to my family. My sister is also sick and so is my brother. A little bit. BUT, I am sick with a cold. Eventually, I wasn’t so sick, so I DID go to school today. My parents are well, and I hope you are , too. SO, I think that’s it.

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  1. Gloria, you should read books and look for words that make sense in the sentence you’re on. When you write eventually, it means sooner on. You used it like it’s a past tense word. Use a dictionary or get an editor.

    1. Yes, Grace is being wise. Also, it isn’t exactly what you may call “safe” to post your personal info on the internet. Or Grace’s, for that matter.

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