Better Friends #3

Chapter 4:

” Mom. Can you drive me to Carrie’s party instead?” Aria asked Chelsea. ” Well, we were planning on both driving you to the party, because we volunteered to the party. Both of us, of course.” Chelsea said.”Okay. Help me pick a dress. PLEASE.” Aria pleaded. “How about the teal coloured one that goes under your knees with all that lacy stuff,” suggested Chelsea. Aria went to get it and… … to her horror, the dress was splattered with mud, and so were all the other dresses! “MOM!!!!!!!!!!! Can you clean this? There’s a dog in my dresser!!!!!!!!” Aria moaned.

Chapter 5:

               ” Darling, we don’t have time for stories. Now get dressed!” Jared scolded the 10 year old Aria.”No…but…DAD!!!Come and see! It’s horrible and there IS a dog!!! Come on! Only 45 minutes until the party!!!” Aria cried. ” Alright, I’ll go see.”said Chelsea. And there it was, sitting on Aria’s favourite t-shirt was a dog. A golden retriever. Soon, the teal dress was cleaned and ready to be worn (HA!). Aria had a good time at the party and quickly, it was time for her to go to bed.

See the 6th and 7th next!!!!!!!:)

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          1. Yeah, when I was 10 I tripped and scraped my face after jumping off a rock. And in this family, we are all slightly more immature than the average girl.

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