the feeling of july

– [Healer] 힐러 OST –

Yesterday was Canada Day. It happened to be the 150th celebration, so many people were excited to celebrate it. I went with my sister and cousin to watch fireworks. My brother and my parents watched fireworks on the mountain; my brother was especially excited as he had never been outside at such a late hour. I found the busy streets of Downtown very unfamiliar. There are so many people, buildings, and shops; I was so fascinated by the buildings that I probably looked like a tourist among the others, even though I lived near there for all my life.

It is July and it sure feels like summer. Summer Vacation has started for a while now, but I have yet to immerse myself in some sort of work or productivity. So far, I have completed half a movie, a television series and a half, and I am planning on reading a book. A relatively reasonable length book. So that’s my plan. When I finish all those (all?), I may do something that seems close to something that I may do at school, like a… story, art work, or some reflection. Especially on what I am going to do next year when school starts all over again. Grade 8 was a lot faster than I had thought it would feel. Believe it or not, I am done with that grade. Grade 9 is what I’ll be when I am back in school. Grade 9 sounds like a bad year: I myself thought the grade 9’s of the year were quite annoying as they purposefully yelled, “EW, grade EIGHTS!”, because wow you have a great perception, and also the looks they tossed at some of my classmates were detestable. I mean, it’s not every person in that grade, but many are this way. There are a couple of grade 10s who still do these kinds of acts. Grade 8-10 sounds like bad years. But aren’t bad years meant to experience and learn from?

I have lots of thinking to do. For a very long time. Well then, see ya! ((:

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