yep it’s over. nvm

— [마지막처럼] BLACKPINK–

I’m kind of sick. Definitely uncomfortable. I think I have a lot of hatred. In a way. I hate a lot of things, I’m not super happy, optimistic, or positive. I also try and end up failing to change for the better. I think I consciously try to change into a better person (depends on what people want/expect but I really haven’t figured that out…), but I really don’t. I actually don’t try at all. And some people point it out. I’m trying, but it’s not working for me or anyone else.

ANYWAY. School’s over. Grade 8 is over. Report cards are out. I’m technically free to do whatever I want at home or outside. As I am a boring person with an ‘image’, I have nothing planned out. But that is fine. I’ll just go with the flow. 🙂

I’m gonna do some boring stuff so, bye. See ya!


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