The Gramophone 4.5 (The Letter)

Dear Prince Captain,
I have a proposal, no, actually, something higher than a proposal. It’s something I want you to cooperate with to expand my company. Or else I will betray the country. How do I betray the kingdom? Well, I go to another country tell them something horrible and unthinkable to your supposedly genius mind, and declare war on you. Better safe than sorry.

Anyways, people say my company is a cheater and illegal. However, I don’t see it. All I ask is get 2000 of your men over to my company to work for me. You don’t need all that men.  I need exactly that amount. I’ll be counting them when I get them. I get what I want, your kingdom is unharmed. What do you think? Send a letter back for your answer. If I don’t get the letter by Yursterday, I will come to hunt you down.

Your Loyal Server,
Lord Darcgoldy

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