The Gramophone 4

Back at their time…
Captain’s heart raced as his horse ran towards the large group that were known as his enemies. His long neon-pink hair flew up and about around his head. All of a sudden, he heard a crash of glass splattering on one of the buildings around the war. He breathed in, and smelled a flowery scent and seconds later, he felt feverish, and nauseous. His breaths were shorter, and faster. After fifteen minutes of the bad feeling, his movements were slower, and 10 seconds later, he was slashed with a spear in the side. He yelped and fell off his horse.

“Hah… Ouch! My side! Why is everything… spinning?” Captain imagined that he was lying on bunches of clouds. He forced himself to open his eyes, and he blinked to get used his surroundings. “Your Majesty, you have a bad case of Self-lostblackout. Self-lostblackout is when you feel sick, and you get weaker and weaker, until, your heart gets weak too, and then you die.” Captain swirled his head around and faced the Royal Family Doctor; Jeremy. “Doctor, how did you figure it out?” Captain asked, and coughed roughly. “*Sigh* Well, the first discovery was a chemical, and it was hidden in a large bottle taken by the Shottonians. The second would be… well, it is a leaf that emits a terrible smell that makes the chemical, but that’s only found in Crimsonfireplace.” The doctor adjusted his glasses.
“Well, doctor, I did hear a glass shatter. And I breathed in a flowery scent afterwards. What do you think?”
“Your Majesty, I’m clear. It all fits. The glass shattering was that ancient bottle of the terrible disease. I’m sorry, but, the only cure is a piece of a monkey’s brain. The brain stem preferably.”
“Oh dear. Oh me, oh my. The brain stem of a monkey? Are you serious? As in the cure is to… eat… the… BRAIN STEM OF A MONKEY?” Captain burst out, turning green at the thought.
“But you’re in luck. And there is a bad part. Lucky you: No monkey lives here. Unlucky you: Then you die. So, I’ll get a fresh brain of a monkey shipped over here, and cut off the stem for you and I shall cook it as the needed medicine for you. Sound good?” The doctor silently prayed that Captain would say ‘yes’. “Humph. Fine. What are the other ingredients?”
“Your Majesty, the other ingredients are, let’s see: frog legs and chicken buttocks to make it taste better, salt, and most of the normal ingredients. Nothing to worry about. I mean it.” The doctor informed young Captain. Captain sighed in relief.
“What you need now is some rest as we put medicine on your wound. Now, drift off.”
In no time, Captain was sleeping like he never had before. When he woke up, the monkey brain was shipped, and made especially for him.

In three days time, Captain was up, and slashing his way through the enemies.
By the beginning of the next week, the Shottonians sent a letter that said that their kingdom surrenders. They can not conquer their land because they are too strong. They sent a paper that had all the information and they had a stamp of approval.
Once again in peace, Captain called for Sharil to report. She arrived almost immediately. “Your Majesty, there is nothing to report on. The war is over, what else do you want?” Sharil asked.
“Sharil,” Captain crossed his fingers,” I want you to spy on your father for me. I want to know why he is plotting against me, and what is he thinking of. Will you do it for me?”
“What?! Did you lose your sanity?! My father has nothing against you. What makes you think that?”
“My dear, you’re father sent a VERY OFFENSIVE, THREATENING letter to the royal family yesterday. Would you like to see it?”
“Yes, now.” Sharil said, trying to keep her cool.
“Ray! Lord Darcgoldy files. Thank you.”

“What?! I don’t… BELIEVE THIS! Why would my father do such a terrible thing to his own country? I… Yes, sir! I’ll do it! Do I need a group?” Sharil was disgusted.
“No, you don’t need a group, it’ll be too crowded, UNLESS, you’ll be splitting up, and then meeting up at night. That will be all. See you, m’lady.” Captain smirked.

Hello! I was working on this for a week. BECAUSE, I was busy with guests abd going to friends’ houses for Halloween or some other random reason. Like today someone is coming over, so I’m like, why not finish this, I have time. So, yeah. Adieu~!

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