The Whole Entire #5

Charvier saw Charlotte Yardo! “What are you doing here, and how did you know I came here and the exact place? Answer!”  He almost roared. “I-I-I… Hello… I just wanted to see how you treat Harmony. Not very nice I see. Now she told me out, I will go out . . . and KILL HER!!!”She actually roared. Charvier gave a sign to Harmony and she slammed the door closed. Within a second, Charvier locked the door so Charlotte couldn’t get out. “Now I’ll deal with you…”
The next morning…
“Why aren’t you early. I have syrup-covered waffles, a cup of black coffee… Oh! Would you want one? Sadly you can’t Because all you’re getting is bread and water. I’m really sorry about this. I really don’t want to do this. Really,”Harmony said with no sarcasm. “Here. Open your hands and don’t tell Charvier this, okay? Or things will look real bad. I’ll give you a very small cup of coffee and I’ll give you a quarter of a waffle. Tell no one.” Harmony took pity on her. She knew that Charlotte was jealous about her relationship with Charvier. But Harmony couldn’t believe that Charvier was actually turning her in. “I don’t want you to take pity on me. Makes me feel weak and poor. I don’t want to feel that way. Really.”Charlotte burst out. “Well, I don’t want to bring you to the jail. Reminds of something unpleasant.”Harmony told Charlotte like she was talking to an old friend.
At the jail waiting area their wasn’t a nice smell. It was the smell of alcohol and bad breath of smokers. “Whut happened??” The lady at the desk asked.
“Ah!… Dat iz not a probLEM. Da lady can go to her hoME.” The lady said with her thick accent. They leave. “Ugh! Can’t the old lady see she works for the Angel Secret Service Society?! She already knows I work for the Dark Devil Secret Society! Can’t I go back to the secret office!!!” Charvier ranted in his mind. “At least(I hope) Harmony doesn’t know!” He ended his ranting with a different hope.
“CHARVIER! YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE! I KNEW IT! YOU. . . BASTARD!!! You work for the Dark Devil Secret Society. I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! You are terrible. If a Angel worker goes into a cell it will lose it’s powers and turn dry then blow away, turning into dust! You do know that, that rule is a fa-..,” Harmony broke off the word after realizing what she was saying.”Y-y-yo-yo-you! I’m leaving!” She packed up and stopped because she felt a cold hard hand land on her shoulder. “You know you don’t have to leave. I’m right here. If you want to cry, cry here, in my arms, against my chest.”Charvier said as he began to turn into his true form in the same time as Harmony began to morph to her true form. Originally, Angels were stronger than the Dark Devils. So, even if Charvier tries his best, he won’t win against Charlotte and Harmony. Charvier’s real form was a form of an very intelligent and handsome-looking joker with and arm and a hand made of human bones. He wore a dark ebony cloak over his shoulders. On Harmony’s side, her true form was a tan skinned woman with brown hair into a bun with curls flying towards her face. She wore a sleeve-less white thin dress. Charlotte morphed too. Her true form was a pale skinned woman with blonde hair flowing down her back. She wore a thin lavender sleeveless dress too. They unleashed their powers at Charvier and they left the room with a crooked Charvier and a burnt area in a hotel.
“You know we should hurry back to the main office to tell boss that we have succeeded the mission.” Charlotte said to Harmony. They acted like rivals in their college life because of a plan.Mr. McAger was their boss. That’s why he relied a lot on them. “Yeah. Let’s see what our next mission will be.” Harmony says as they fly to the clouds towards the main office to receive their next big job.

Part 6 is coming up soon(I hope(If I have time…))! I hope(Again) you enjoyed this part!

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  1. OMG OMG OMG YOU COPIED. YOU are not allowed to copy entire character /designs/ from Kuroshitsuji. That’s not allowed. That’s . . . plagiarism. It’s like, copyrighted. AND DEVILS. REALLY. This story was fine in the beginning, but now . . . whatever~. Harmony and Charlotte’s interaction does not make any sense whatsoever. And there’s a lot of typos. Meh, Gloria, ask me to help. AND DON’T COPY.

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