The Whole Entire Time #6.5

Charvier blinked as three hours past of sitting on the ground of a half-burnt hotel room. “I must get out before Deviling finds out…” He muttered. He got dressed in the remaining clothing that belonged to him that were not damaged. “Bye-bye hotel!”

“Gabriel, we’re back! Finally! Charlotte and I successfully completed our latest mission.” Harmony announced as she entered the main office with Charlotte. The messenger angel Gabriel turned around seeing the two happy ladies. “So, how did it go?” Gabriel asked as he grabbed his clipboard to check things over. ” Well, Charlotte decided I go ahead and pretend to ‘love’ an Devil worker that was working undercover. Charlotte suggested I should go with him for a couple months to see if he really was the criminal.” Harmony explained. “Yeah. I figured it out by looking into his mind. It was really cloudy in his mind. He is really good at hiding things.” Charlotte commented.

“Your next mission brings you to England. There is a murder going on in London that is alike to the killings of Jack the Ripper. I want you two to go there as. . . sisters. You will have to go to Michael about the looks. He’ll get you the make-up artists. So, go down to Michael’s office. He’ll also give you the things and information you girls need. See you soon!” Gabriel waved them off.

“Well, we don’t have much of a vacation. We get work right away. I wonder when McAger is going to give us a break.” Harmony sighs. “You know how he is the biggest boss’s most trusted company leader. He trusts that he will make the world a great place to live and there will be no life-threatening worries anymore.” Charlotte reminded Harmony. They walk to the end of the white hall and sees a metal plate on the door that says,’Michael’ and underneath that it says ‘Office’. Charlotte knocks on the door. “Urgh! BOOM! Sorry girls I keep knocking things over. I have paperwork and tablets of carvings and the new orders of the statues coming in they keep on dumping it in instead of placing it down. But anyways, come in if you can open the door.” Michael said in a rush as he made the items stack up in the corners and against the wall. Charlotte creaked opened the door. “Hello! I just cleaned up. Have a seat,” Michael smiles in a nervous way. “How was your latest mission? With the nice look on your faces I bet you had nice day.” “Well, we completed the mission. Actually, with incredible ease,” Charlotte spoke “Am I right?” She asked Harmony. “Yep!”

“Here we are. the makeover department. We renovated it while you were gone. The mission won’t start until next week. Tonight there will be a little party at my mansion. It is supposed to be a welcome party. I told you girls because I don’t want you to come unprepared. It’ll be. . . a fancy party. Please wear dresses and suits?” Michael was reading from a piece of paper. It was an invitation. “Oh, right. today no one will be using the makeover department for any missions. So, it’ll be used for anybody to come in and use it. Oh, and two boys are joining you on the mission. They’ll be at the party no doubt. OH! There are a group of Angels waiting for you at Charlotte’s house. They are preparing something for you. You better use the wardrobe. They are doing something fancy too, this afternoon. Have fun!” Michael left the room.

“Let’s get ready for whatever they are preparing for.” Charlotte suggested the obvious. Harmony wore a light blue short dress that was long sleeves that flowed around. She let her brown hair down in curls. She wore on her feet blue ballet slippers. For jewellery, diamond dangling earrings with a matching necklace. Charlotte ware a lavender dress alike to Harmony’s, and she put her hair up in a high pony-tail with a hot pink ribbon. On her feet were low tan coloured boots and for earrings, it was a pink diamond stud and for the necklace, it was an white opal hanging around her neck. “Let’s go!”

When the two arrived at Charlotte’s house, there was no door to the house. There was a line-up outside the door. Wherever it was. “It’s my trick. In case intruders come.” Charlotte whispers to Harmony. “Excuse me but can I get to my door? THIS IS MY HOUSE!”She shrieked. The crowd formed two lines to show her why they were lined up. There was two boys outside her door. It was Charlotte and Harmony’s boyfriends! Apparently, the people thought they were very handsome. So they took pictures of the and treated them like celebrities. Charlotte haven’t seen Gabe ever since she had left for the latest mission. She cried like a waterfall and rushed over to his arms. As for Harmony, it was still Xavier. He only acted like her little brother because. . . of certain reasons. They smiled at each other and hugged each other. After the little emotional ceremony Charlotte wiped her eyes and said a secret word and the door appeared onto the wall. They two couples went in and sat on the two couches. “Are you getting a boy partner for your upcoming missions?” Gabe asked. “Yes. Two actually. One for me and one for Harmony.” Charlotte answers. “Are you getting girl partners?” Harmony asks. “Yeah. Xavier and I are working together. We don’t know who they are.” Gabe answers. ” We don’t, either.”

That night they were supposed to wear things not so short. More formal. So, Harmony wore a light powdery pink dress that barely touches the ground and she wore black velvet flats and her hair was left alone flowing down her back. She wore black earrings with a chain necklace. Charlotte wore a ruby coloured dress that looked like Harmony’s and she wore dark red flats. She wore amethyst earrings and a amethyst necklace.

Part 7 coming up!
New word record! 1010 words! Yay!

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  1. A fancy party. Hey, for a formal ball, I don’t think you’re supposed to wear flats or anything that’s too . . . Sweet-16 party-ish. I THINK. And about their ‘formal’ dresses, all we know is that they’re really long. What does the top look like? Strapless? We don’t know. So yeah.

          1. Firstly, it’s common sense. A formal dance/party/social is a ball. Get with the program. Secondly, Jack the Ripper was in the 19th century. Far as I know, planes and such (how Charvier went to Fiji or whatever) first appeared around 1915 something. And what happened to your story? The first 2 parts were quite good. Now you’re just fangirling and using Kuroshitsuji’s characters. Plus, Harmony has undergone a massive personality switch. What about her brother? Her school? Oh, so they’re supernatural creatures with random doors popping out whenever they say abracadabra?
            So, now, all we know is that these girls are BFF’s and have all the clothes they would ever want right at their fingertips, plus the cutest Kuro-copied guys at their disposal. They have missions, and the poor kids in Fiji don’t know. Really, Gloria. I wonder why you do this.

          2. Grace. The story said it was ALIKE to the killings of Jack the Ripper. And I do not care about if anybody hates my story. I was not fangirling. I was just too into the story/book’s plot.


          3. Yo know, even if I seriously did not get the story anyway, I noticed:
            Grace’s comments: very feisty, offensive (constructive criticism?)
            Gloria’s comments: defensive… eh. Similar to sisters.
            You guys are both very feisty beings.

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