The Whole Entire Time #8

So the group headed towards the other side.”I always wonder, how it feels to be bullied. Most reasons are because the person is well, J-E-A-L-O-U-S. I don’t know why we are here but for one, I am hoping it is because we are to clean the world out of sin. Wow. Do you see what I see?” Sebastian gestures towards the large group. He peers in and gasps. “It’s a girl that attends the school. And she is… dead.” Sebastian tells his group.
“That is getting more and more suspicious.” Nicole comments, scratching her chin.
Then the criminal must be within the school or that crowd!” Nicole thought.
“Maybe the criminal is within the area, waiting for the target to appear. Or the criminal is in the crowd, or hiding among the park. Though he/she might kill then leave.” Nicole and Niona say in the same time.
Sebastian and Gabe look at each other and whisper,”They’re in synch! No wonder Michael put them together as twins.”
“Let’s search over the school.” Gabe says while scanning the area one last time before walking away from the crowd.

Y’know, it is short because I will type up another series, maybe. Eh. So, I’ll type more next time. 😀

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