Random Times

Hi. I’m back. I haven’t been able to, um, y’know, type any live entries. My life like this is quite awkward.

Friendship being broken up, people my age start swearing, and people don’t understand me as well. Like when I want them to understand, they have 0% idea of what I’m talking about. A friend(Sort of friend. We sometimes ultimately hate each other or just leave each other be, OR, just get along.) is unblocking me on email. I don’t really care about WHAT THE HECK he is doing, but if it has to do with me, I swear I HAVE to know. NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS.

Homework bugs A LOT of people, but sometimes, it doesn’t at all, for me. Because I’ve got nothing to do, but either watch my brother or do something constructive. I normally don’t do much of anything constructive, but if I do, it’s my not-due-in-two-days-or-maybe-less-days homework, or it’s has something to do with math. Sucks right? Well, it’s not like I don’t like math. I DO like math, but if I have to do math at home, it’s MULTIPLICATION(I’m just starting to memorize the equations… *smiles uncertainly*)!

Yeah. I’ve GOT TO GO soon. So, Bye!

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