The Wonderful Land of Grey

The wonderful land of grey. What was that supposed to mean? Land of nothingness. Land of what was called bored everything. Nothing would improve, nothing would get worse as it already was. No emotions. No colours. Just shades. Like what would we do all day? Eat and be… lazy. For the rest of your life. Unless time stops. Or it never really started. But if time didn’t really start where would we get ideas? How did we improve the security? How could we invent things? Where would our food go after we eat it? Would it just replace itself? See, I would never get the way people say,’If time stopped…’
So, I choose to not believe it. I think it’s crazy that such thing what would happen in the world. ‘If the world ended…’ ‘If you were the only person left on earth…’ ‘If people were extinct, what would the animals do?’ I don’t really think the animals would think about anything. I doubt I would be lucky enough to be the last person left. Yeah, what would’ve happened if the world ended? Well, I do tend to get off track when talking about things I don’t believe in.

That’s what I think the Wonderful Land of Grey would look like. Definitely not like the colours I used in this post. As I realize, the post’s title is quite sarcastic as I put it. It’s exactly the opposite of what I think of the Land of Grey. In fact, I don’t think it’s wonderful. Like, who would think a dreary land would be eventful? Or a way to pass time with others happily. Well, I think probably the time when teenagers are like, in a depressing mood. Or when a depressing old man thinks his life is like, completely over.

I realize I don’t really know why I wrote/typed this. Seems depressing. I drank water while typing the first paragraph, and drank juice typing the second. And the third… MY SALIVA. Oh. Anyways… It’s WEIRD. Okay. So… I’ll be going. Ja ne!

P.S. Now… Let’s get more drinks! XDD

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