Heyy. It’s April. Wow. Okay. Today, I had a table tennis tournament at a fancy high school. I played doubles (lost pretty badly, but hey, we did pretty good for first-timers) and singles in which I won one out of 3 games. But HEYY, I did pretty well on the other games I lost.

I was confirmed (religious event called ‘Confirmation’) yesterday and I wore heels for about 3 hours. They weren’t super high heels, but they were tiring for my calves. Also, I should do my homework. Yes. Even though it is getting a little late.

Ohh. Also, a late update, I did finish my novel at the end. My class got our stories printed and we made a physical copy of the book earlier this week. I had a lot of pages. It took a while, but my teacher helped me with about half of them. And we all appreciate their hard work.

It’s almost my little brother’s birthday. He’s gonna be five!! That’s. Fast. Faster than I had imagined and hoped. Mainly because he might start thinking like a thoroughly educated human being and stop being cute. He’s going to be in kindergarten in September this year. Do you know what this means? I’m going to be in grade 8. And that means I will be in Secondary School. Well, I should finish grade 7 first by finishing this homework. Well then, see ya!

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