Update: Me!

Yo. Uh, Story Reason, I deleted Playing Around, because, uh, I WANTED TO. Yeah, it’s going to be some sort of MYSTERY. *thumbs up* Yep.
And, um, so far, the Grade Five math is not too hard. Patterns. Like Pattern rule, and all that jazz. All the figuring out the pattern rule from only 4 or 5 or 6 numbers. And some of the patterns don’t really make sense to me. Eh…
Ain’t this post full of random topics? Listening to this K-Pop song my sister showed. We’re not really into Korean stuff, more into C-Pop (?(Mostly Jay Chou)), and J-Pop (Or maybe just PoT covers and actual original songs.)

I’m thinking about a new topic to make another list. Argh. Nothing so far. Great right? I think I’ll write another separate post about boredom. Ja ne!

2 Replies to “Update: Me!”

    1. Oh, PLEASE. It’s not your business to know what even happened. It’s a long story I’d like to keep a secret.
      Obvious? You don’t even know what happened. How do you know?
      You? Diligent? Pah. Possible more than me, but not much.

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