Hey. To start off, did you notice that I have been REALLY bored? Well, I have, so don’t worry. Well, wanna get started? I do, so I will do so! P.S. This helps me be more entertained. See ya!

What is boredom? Feels like time is dragged on for a really long. Also seems like writer’s block except you are empty and have absolutely nothing to do. That is what I think boredom is.

If boredom was an object, I would say… it would be air. His/her boringness.

Boring is actually one WHOLE different thing. Say, ‘The teacher was saying stuff about boring maps of Canada and famous voyagers of Canada, which was boring.’ It basically means something that the person already knows and/or doesn’t want to do, and bores the person.

I don’t really know much other than those things to discuss things like that. That is how I feel like when I, myself, am bored. So, adieu~!

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