Update: Twin Blade – what I think –

I just realized that Twin Blade has no actual plot-line. So, I’m not going to continue it and go on with… other stuff. Like….
1. Make lists…
2. Type stuff I’ve been doing…
3. Talk about what has happened during MY summer ‘vacation’
4. IDK, write random blobs of… inspirational things I found?

Yeah, I fail. <~~~Highlight that if you want to see how bored I am.
 Yippee!!!! I found Hyoutei blue, Grace!!! Up there!
Grace, if you are reading this, highlight this blank area.

Okay, so,   …..     I have nothing else to say/type/blog, I shall bid you farewell, and this is the end of this wonderful post. XD  Ja ne!

2 Replies to “Update: Twin Blade – what I think –”

    1. Yes… Indeed. I sound old when… Wait, people sound old when they say ‘Indeed…’ It reminds me of a old-fashioned guy stroking a beard saying that. Oh well.


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