Hello! I’ve been being too lazy to type stuff up here, because it was hot.
It’s almost the first day of school. I’m gonna be in Gr.5. Grace is gonna be in secondary school, and be sure to check out what she typed, and drew. *sigh* She’s better at drawing than me, not that I care. She’s good at drawing people than me. I can draw scenery…

Enough of that. Moving on…
The story… I have writers block!!!! So, I’ll probably write something really random. Ehhh…

My brother’s finally starting his potty training. We are all too lazy.
I’m 1/4 sick, my sister is 2/4 sick, my brother is 2/4 sick, my cousin is 3/4 sick. ALL THE KIDS IN THE HOUSE ARE AT LEAST A LITTLE BIT  SICK!!!! DOESN’T THAT JUST SUCK?!

I’m bored. So, ja ne!

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