what you will

I have some things to do that are related to school, however, I have typed half a paragraph and I am already sick and bored of it. I just don’t want to do work. Or study. I kind of want to imagine myself doing work, but when I actually get started, I can’t concentrate.

I really dislike thinking about school work, and generally anything that requires a lot of effort. School. UGHHH. Only one thing has made me a little more happy is the fact that I am on the school table tennis B team, almost A, but I highly doubt that I will be in the A team due to the fact that there are older, more experienced players in the current line-up. I should work my way from the bottom to experience the tournaments first. I have practice tomorrow. That means, I should recharge, and then do some more work… more thinking…
Anyway, see ya’ll next time I write!

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