a hint of red

It’s almost Chinese New Year! Today, I had table tennis practice. I ran around for various reasons. Some things happened that caused a bit of a commotion. I have surprisingly survived almost 2 terms of high school. Now, I’m starting to wonder, how am I supposed to survive the next 4 years? Wait. How is it 2017 already? 2017 seems like such a large number. It’s been almost an entire month of 2017, and I’m still not used to it. There are so many things to do, yet, I really really don’t want to do any of it.

There is this report for the Science Fair that we have to write; it should be approximately 500 words in total, but I have written about half of the report, and I have reached around 579¬†words last time I checked. This is great. I don’t think my teacher wants to read all that I have written, so I will use the next week to look it over with my partner and complete, or start, the poster board in the week. My partner doesn’t do much, so I told her to at least to get the poster board, however I started saying that back in December, and now we have a week left to finish this FAIR, and she promises to get it this weekend. Great. I totally don’t feel rushed now. I really want this Science Fair, English Test + Essay, Math Building Project, Tech Ed Project, Art Project, SCHOOL to end. I don’t think I’m going to be able to finish all this with a passing mark. Or a satisfying mark with the amount of time left until all these things are due.

I like my of my teachers. However, there are some that just don’t sit well with me, like I don’t really understand or think that the way they teach is very efficient with a class that I have. Oh crap. I just remembered that for my English and Essay, we have this outline sheet, which I am mostly finished, but I have yet to make notes for the conclusion. See? I’m done with this. Get me outta here. I should sleep soon. Well then, goodnight and see ya later!

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