Wizard Tree #9

So the day went pretty busy.First I had to go to the shop where you get to choose the shape, size and colour. I chose a stick with nothing on top of it  and the size was medium and the colour was Everest tree green. Ryan’s wand was the same shape and size. The colour is dark green. Later I had to go to the training hall. After I finished training I went to a Mall where I found good clothes. I rushed to my room and put the clothes in the closet and as well as I put my new clothes on and I put on accessories.I realized my family and friends don’t know where I might be. Then I remembered that I still have my cellphone.So I phoned all my family and friends and told them that I was on a vacation. While I was at it Ryan was trying a spell to make a key Nand key lock  for the door and a extra key for me.After I phoned everybody Ryan asked what kind of design I wanted on my key.I told him that I wanted  green flowers on a blue background. What Ryan wanted was a plain old’ normal one.I thought I saw Ryan wear black(which the colour black is not supposed to be wore).And he started to act suspicious. Very suspicious… … … … … … … … …:P

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