YOooo, what do i doooo??

I should really do something that other people will consider helpful… But WHAAAT??? Ok, so like, since tomorrow is gonna be June, I just realized that I┬áhave 4 more weeks of school. And my sister’s birthday is coming up and I kinda need to make a card for her.
What do I DOOOO????
BUUT, I will go to the PNE once again this year. Man, the Awards Ceremony thing for Intermediates is like in 2 or 3 weeks from now. I know that I’ll have at least one award. That’ll be the SERVICE Award. I Safety Patrol and Lunch Monitor. Even if I do 2 services, I only get credited for one of them. But it’s added to it altogether, and I’ll still get recognized.

Just, saying, even after going to the Fun Fair by my school, my self-esteem had not gotten any better than before. I still am the same person. Of course I can’t change myself by going to a single event, but I kind of thought I could see the way I do things a little differently after having a little bit of fun. Whatever. Well, I tried, didn’t exactly work, so I won’t try it again. But now, I have this other question.

What is Self-Esteem?

Damn. Now this seems like some kind of speech. Or essay. Or a script for some kind of debate. But it ain’t. So… I’m gonna have to go now. See ya next time when I rant here again!!

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