2015 New Year’s Resolutions! (some of them…)

Happy New Year! Congratulations everyone whom survived 2014! I shall now present you some… things in which I think I need improvement in. Have fun… ehe.

1. Have more… confidence in myself. (nervously laughs…)
2. Be more… elegant/glori(a)ous.
3. Try to be nicer and… more appreciative.
4.  Try to type without looking at the keyboard (I’m doing that right now…)
5. Be more alert with surroundings. (I suck at reading situations… hehe.)
6. Stop bothering Gabriel so much.
7. Understand when Grace is mad at me… (Ain’t that right???)
8. Keep improving my mathematical skills. (uhhh.)
9. Keep improving my Shanghainese. (…yeeaaahh…)
10. Pay attention when needed.
11. Work on my writing… (Speech contest this year… EHHH?? JK, but I’m somewhat scared. ehehee.)
12. Keep my eyesight the same. (Not any worse this time!!)
13. … Get passing grades in term one grade seven. (Grade Seven in September!!!)
14. Improve temper. (Once again. I can’t toss around people that ‘like’ me.)
15. Stop procrastinating so much. (It’s okay occasionally…)

15 whole resolutions this year!!! Ehehehe. The fifteenth one… I’m not sure I agree… But it’s okay for a little change this year. A change, small or large, it’s the same. Was that deep? No? I thought not. Ehehee.
Next year I will graduate to secondary school. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Oh well.
Anyways, I really hope this year will be better than last year.
HAPPY NEW YEAR, and let’s hope there won’t be any more plane disasters this year. Adieu~!

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