Aarghh. HNY 2014~2015

oh man i have a really bad stomachache. i swear. to the point i can’t even type with two hands. just one. and with many typos. oh damn. oh man. i feel like i am going to die.

Okay. I had a little spasm there. Probably from the cold. Aiyaa. JKJK. So damn ASIAN. But really. I had a stomachache. And it wasn’t very little. AND IT HAS TO HAPPEN ONĀ  THE LAST DAY OF @)!$
Let’s see if anyone out there can figure it out. NO ONE?? AMAZING! JKJKJK. What is the last day for today? 2014!!! OMG did you know that? NO? ok.

SO, uh. I gotta go now, so, goodnight and I might post resolutions up tomorrow as I have said many times. Bye bye!

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