OMG, it’s 2015, and I’m stuck.

Hello. I’m stuck with my homework and a messed up schedule. And my brain is as messed up as the schedule. I can’t process info about 2015. So, don’t tell me that I am going to graduate next year. Yes, I am still a bit scared of change. But, it’s okay, I get to be in the school as my sister again! Eheheheh.
Anyways, I am pretty busy. If you want to call entertaining guests and trying not to act awkward, watching Sports Danshii 2014 that my sister found for me, my homework from school (story writing- fiction), and keeping my brother entertained, busy, then okay!
So, uh, I’ll get working on my story… because if I don’t finish today, my mom will get mad at me, BUT IT’S A GODDAMN STORY, STORIES ARE LONG!!! Okay. Seeya/Adieu!

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