Well hello there. Today, I started to use my laptop. I am not used to the keyboard. Or the screen being connected to the keyboard. I feel like this is gonna take a while to get used to.

I cleaned my desk today. The surface has gotten some light after like… 4 months? Maybe even more than that because I was lazy over Summer Vacation. I really don’t know. I did a whole bunch of chores today with my siblings after destroying the gingerbread house we made for Christmas. Yes, we destroyed it. With a meat tenderizer. My brother and my sister destroyed. I tried to keep the mess minimal, however, that didn’t work out, so we ended up cleaning the entire level. I vacuumed for the first time. And so did my 5 year old little brother. I’m so helpful.

I don’t think my productivity level is very high, especially since I don’t have anything in particular to do or complete. I am not complaining. This is good. Relaxing. But, I must find something to do. I did, but I got bored of doing it. Ahahah. I have no life. :))) (double chins included)

Alright, I will now get to keeping my desk clean for the next month. OH. I should probably start thinking of some New Year’s Resolutions. Haha. Well, until I write again. See ya!

Christmas 2016 ~ Merry Christmas!

I was pleasantly surprised this year. My parents got me a laptop. Well. That was unexpectedly expected. I mean, I don’t like having my hopes up, but when my mom dropped a few super-vague hints, I felt like I knew what it was, but I didn’t say anything, in case it wasn’t. I also have snowmen marshmallows. I received a poop emoji from my sister. It has heart eyes. It really speaks to me.

I got a zen art thing from my neighbours. It has paint. And fancy brush pens that I may use for other things. Ohohoho.

I hope you all had a great Christmas! Well then, goodnight!!

idk what

Today I realized I was actually a little sick. A little bit of coughing and a little bit of a gross nose. I had ping pong today. We had a tourney for my group lesson. I got 4th. Last time we had a tourney thing, I got 2nd. I wasn’t really into it today. I actually noticed that I was not into the game at all. Wow. I noticed something. I also realized that I hate it when people have expectations of me. I heard another student in my group lesson talk about me as “that girl that beats everyone” right after my match that I lost (and started my losing streak). I won 6 matches and lost 4 matches. I hate expectations, even if they’re mine. I want to swear. Like really loudly. But not right now because my throat hurts.

I really like this drama series’ OST. It’s like, half depressing and half satisfying. I don’t know. I’m really boring. I haven’t written something creative and posted in a while. It’s probably because I hate getting criticized by certain people. I’m not blaming anyone, but it’s just my personal feeling. I think I just hate the way I do things.

It snowed more today. I played outside with my brother for like an hour. We made a very little snowman. It had a red frisbee for a hat. Then after we made it, we went inside for hot chocolate (with waaay too much powder). I went out after it stopped snowing as hard, and the frisbee-hat had a layer of snow on top of it. It didn’t topple over. Impressive. Better than me. 😉

I will now proceed to write my novel. A personal one. Not for any particular reason. Yeah. See ya when I’m not super sick or sad.

New Year’s Resolutions for 2016: Review

This is also rather early. I’m halfway through December and I’m thinking about this. Why did I set so many goals? Many of those goals can be accomplished in longer periods of time. Let’s see what January 1st, 2016 Gloria thinks about the year.

  1. Don’t ask so many questions; be more independent and use my brain.
    To be honest, there are different situations in which asking questions are good.
  2. Try not to be so hesitant.
    I’m trying. Trying not to cry… ;u;
  3. TRY to be more neat and organized.
    I guess I’m trying. Depends on what time of year.
  4. Have more patience…
    Yeah. We’re getting good at that.
  5. Stay the same in personality, but be quieter when appropriate.
    I think I took this way too seriously. Some people think I’m scary for not talking or expressing any emotion. Whoops.
  6. EYES!! Keep my eyesight the same.
    I don’t know where I am going with this. Why did I even bring this up?
  7. Try not to be scared of new things and other things.
    “Other things.”
  8. Get better at talking in front of people.
    I can’t. I mean, I’ll talk really fast…
  9. Improve printing.
    Some still say it’s bad, however, I see a difference in my writing.
  10. Use time wisely.
    I keep rewording this differently every year. This might be on the list for 2017, but I don’t know.
  11. Concentrate better, find a strategy to concentrate without music.
    I don’t know about this one. I think I can only focus on one thing at a time. To be honest, I don’t even know if the music helps me, but it distracts me from other people.
  12. Have more self-esteem.

I think every year, I get more sarcastic and less motivated to complete or even try to achieve my goals. It’s fun though, to set some goals. I noticed that even when I was little, I enjoyed writing stories; but they always ended up going on and on, or they just ended. Now, I might write some stories during breaks. Who knows. Anyway, in about half a month, I will write some New Year’s Resolutions. Why is it the end of 2016 already? I just got used to it being at the top of my papers.

scone, biscuit, croissant, bread, bun

The title is related to a conversation I had at school today at lunch. There was this bread thing with chocolate chips, and it was shaped like a scone. It looked like a scone, yet when people ate it, it was “flakey”, or soft. Yeah, it was a very intellectual and deep conversation.

We got our report cards today. I have 7 A’s and 1 B. The B is from P.E. I mean, no one is good at every sport in the world. Yesterday I did an English Test. Tomorrow I have a French Test/Quiz that I am not prepared for in one area: PREPOSITIONS of “les parties du corps”. I haven’t memorized some of the parts. I have memorized ones that I have learned previously, and ones that are new but are simpler to remember. I will study tomorrow. Morning. Yeah.

Today I had Science, and I now have another assignment. I have to make a comic about how the immune system works with an example. It’s pretty simple and easy, it’s just it may take a while to complete. I dunno. In Math we did a whole bunch of worksheets on mean, median, and mode. On shoe sizes. It was… informative. In Tech Ed, I made the wheels of this styrofoam car that the class is required to make. I am making a… SHARK. I don’t know, but it was a rather random idea. Probably won’t go very far. Like me. 😉

As there is still school tomorrow, I must sleep properly. It’s only 10 though… Ahh.. What do I do. I will get off the computer. Sounds good. Well then, see ya! Until I decide to write something interesting… Or maybe just to fill the sidebar up with months of the year. 🙂


I’m like really screwed right now. So, at school we have this schedule divided into two days. On Day 1, there are four classes, and on Day 2 there are four other classes. I carry two different binders depending on the day. Today happened to be a Day 2, and tomorrow is Day 1. Yesterday was a Day 1 and I think I lost my binder for Day 1 yesterday. Either I lost it on the bus or I lost it at school. I have a calculator, a USB flash drive, like 2 notebooks with notes in them, math, science, tech ed work in it, and lots of other papers. On the outside I may seem a little lazy about it, but on the inside, it’s like… I don’t know what to do. How to get it back. Also, I am slightly worried about what happened to it, but who wants grade eight homework with my name on it. There was homework in there that is due tomorrow. This is so great. I stress about talking too. Recently, I’ve been nervous about pretty much everything. Like literally. I’m gonna cry.

I think I cried about reading out loud to a class a piece of writing I did. About… doing lots of homework. Hahaha. So childish. But I wanna cry right now. I have something stuck in my heart. Not stuck, like… foggy. Something foggy in my heart. Sometimes my heart feels weird after I run 400 m. When I play a game of table tennis, I get really really (more than before) nervous before each point. It causes me to rush, and it is currently my only problem according to my coaches. AAAAAHHHHGHGHhhh. Can I like do something good? I haven’t done anything worth praising yet. I saw a bunch of my marks, and many of them were lower than I thought. But it makes sense. I didn’t do very well on tests. I hate tests. What do I like. Oh my godd. I don’t know anymore. I know classmates that think I am smart so they ask me for answers or help with their work, but I have severe problems in my head. There is something wrong. When I lost my binder, I couldn’t even remember if I brought it onto the bus or not. If I left it at school or took it with me. If I got off the bus with it or not.

Is my heart and head messed up? It’s getting late, so I think I’ll have to prepare for tomorrow, and explaining my situation. See ya. (: