scone, biscuit, croissant, bread, bun

The title is related to a conversation I had at school today at lunch. There was this bread thing with chocolate chips, and it was shaped like a scone. It looked like a scone, yet when people ate it, it was “flakey”, or soft. Yeah, it was a very intellectual and deep conversation.

We got our report cards today. I have 7 A’s and 1 B. The B is from P.E. I mean, no one is good at every sport in the world. Yesterday I did an English Test. Tomorrow I have a French Test/Quiz that I am not prepared for in one area: PREPOSITIONS of “les parties du corps”. I haven’t memorized some of the parts. I have memorized ones that I have learned previously, and ones that are new but are simpler to remember. I will study tomorrow. Morning. Yeah.

Today I had Science, and I now have another assignment. I have to make a comic about how the immune system works with an example. It’s pretty simple and easy, it’s just it may take a while to complete. I dunno. In Math we did a whole bunch of worksheets on mean, median, and mode. On shoe sizes. It was… informative. In Tech Ed, I made the wheels of this styrofoam car that the class is required to make. I am making a… SHARK. I don’t know, but it was a rather random idea. Probably won’t go very far. Like me. 😉

As there is still school tomorrow, I must sleep properly. It’s only 10 though… Ahh.. What do I do. I will get off the computer. Sounds good. Well then, see ya! Until I decide to write something interesting… Or maybe just to fill the sidebar up with months of the year. 🙂

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