studying fairs

We recently did the Science Fair. Personally, I think our project’s experiment did not really prove our hypothesis, or even answer the question. The only thing that happened was the background research. Which was more thorough than intended. But still quite shallow for not doing anything. We had to present to 5 pairs of judges. It went alright I guess.

I’ve been assigned 2 more projects this week. There is this character study for English; I’m doing it with 2 other people, and we are doing Duke Orsino from Twelfth Night (the whole class will have a test on the entire play¬†on Friday…). The other one I have barely started is a Socials poster thing on Renaissance Artists. I’m doing Pieter Bruegel the Elder. One problem is that I have to print a picture of one of his works for it, and most of his famous works include lots of colour, and I don’t have a colour printer handy. Uhhhh.

Anyway, I should do work… tomorrow. It’s late. Goodnight, and see y’all later!

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