Cold, the days were for the past several weeks. Without a single possession of yours or mine left in the world, we crept along the shadows. So what if it ended up in a secret little garden which nobody expected to be there, at all? We wouldn’t be able to reach out to anything or anyone for any help, anytime, any day. it would only be you and i.

BAAM! “Get away! He’s just a piece of garbage that miraculously found its way into this glorious city of lights. Don’t get too close to him. He probably has some kind of disease that makes him think he is all too good for us. HAAHAAHAA.” A teenage boy kicked a boy on the ground roughly said as he continued to taunt the boy.
“Kuh! Do you know who… I am?” The boy choked out at last, his sight slightly wavering.
“Ooohh! It talks! Hey, I know! You’re a prince from a fairy tale!!! Isn’t that right?” The teenager laughed, mockingly.
“That’s… not too far off. I am the prince of this country. I came here to visit the mayor and promote him. I suppose he is not aware of this madness,” the boy stopped to gasp for a little more air, “I shall report this to him… Goodbye.” The boy staggered against the brick wall in the moonlit night. He stumbled through the fog as the teenage boys stared after him in shock, with pleading cries for forgiveness.

“You were attacked? Goodness me! I told you, you should have brought a bodyguard, or EVEN ME! Geev, you’ve ought to take better care of yourself.” Geev, the boy, was receiving a lecture from his personal bodyguard. Geev winced as a maid tended to his bleeding mouth and swollen cheek.
“I wanted explore. Who knew that Mayor Flouwre has a city with some trash polluting it? But they don’t seem very strong to me. They can’t possibly doing some kind of plan to take over this beautiful city of lights. Should I still promote him? Sir Flouwre. Not much ring to it. Ehe.” Geev smiled as the maid finished up.

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